Reading Head Start Reviews: Does Program Work Or Scam?

From the minute your child is born, they’re constantly absorbing the planet around them, taking in the maximum amount information as they will . Before your child even enters kindergarten, you’re reading stories to them and teaching them life lessons and skills. However, by teaching them the way to read at an early stage in life, you’re increasing their ability to know and process information, putting them before their peers.
Sadly, many children aren’t ready to read at the expected level when entering school and find reading difficult and uninteresting. As a parent, of course, you hire tutors and put your child through programs to urge them to a selected reading level, but these programs usually don’t work.
The good thing is during this review, you’re getting to study the impressive and transformative Reading start program. This program will have your child reading during a matter of minutes.

What Is Reading Head Start?

You’re probably now wondering what the Reading start program is that if it’s as successful because it claims to be. The Reading start may be a scientifically-proven e-book based program to assist you improve your child’s ability to read.The PDF e-book you’ll receive may be a detailed guide which provides you a day-to-day break down of the 40-week learning program. Through the manual, you’ll find out how to best support your child while using the program and long after it’s over.

The program is weakened into 4 phases. In these phases, your child will find out how to read by using worksheets, interactive games, and videos. When your child completes each stage, they receive a certificate to spice up self-esteem and confidence.All you would like to try to to is invest a minimum of quarter-hour each day , three days every week completing the teachings and worksheets together with your child to urge the results you would like to ascertain .

Who Is Sarah Shepard?

As a parent, you would like course of study that’s getting to work. Most of the time, you receive advice or programs that aren’t effective in improving your child’s reading capabilities.Sarah Shepard, a mother, and teacher with 14+ years of experience within the education system decided to make this program.As a parent herself, she struggled together with her child’s reading comprehension but found it hard to seek out course of study that worked and didn’t take hours of her day.That’s when Sarah chose to make the Reading start program which focused on reading comprehension while balancing parent’s busy schedules. With having three kids herself, she understood that not every parent has this amount of your time to spend solely on reading.

What Will You Learn From Reading Head Start?

Through interactive games, videos, and worksheets, your child will improve their literacy skills, however, as a parent, you’ll even be learning skills to assist improve their reading comprehension. reading head start pdf  That way, you’ll still work on their reading skills long after the program is over. As a parent, you’ll learn:

  • How to gain your child’s interest in reading, even when they’re not interested.
  • Special methods to reverse dyslexia.
  • Understand the importance of reading at an early age.
  • Tips on the do’s and dont’s when engaging in teaching your child the way to read.
  • How to improve how your child pronounciate words.
  • The inefficient teaching methods in today’s educational system and why you ought to avoid them.
  • A fun and entertaining approach to reading which can captivate your child’s attention.
  • Linguistic Development and Communication skills. You’ll tend skills to assist improve your child’s vocabulary and communication skills.
  • Positive social interactions. the teachings help improve your child’s social skills with people , including their peers.
  • Optimal Neurological development. the teachings and worksheets will improve your child’s brain development.
  • Psychological Fortitude. Increase your child’s self-esteem and confidence not only with reading but altogether aspects of life.

Reading start Pros & Cons

Now, no program is ideal . Take a glance at the benefits and drawbacks of using the Reading start program.


  • It’s easy to use for both child and parent. the rules and step-by-step format are clear.
  • The program provides a full 100% refund guarantee to users if you’re not satisfied with the results.
  • Users are given a three-day trial offer to check the program out. There’s alittle fee of 1 dollar.
  • It’s mobile-friendly. It can work on any device you’ve got reception whether it’s an iPad, computer, or smartphone.
  • It’s safe for youngsters to use.
  • It’s extremely user-friendly. The child’s speed and understanding are what pushes the program forward.
  • They’re ready to read the teachings at their own pace with none pressure.
  • It’s been scientifically proven to figure , and users of the program have given regeneration .
  • There’s an abundance of data for your child. they need well-detailed information which will keep them entertained.
  • It’s a reasonable program, significantly lower in price as compared to other reading programs or tutors.


  • It’s only available as a web program. Therefore, internet access is important .
  • You need to place in consistent effort and time to ascertain results. The more your child invests into the program, the higher results you’ll see.

Does Reading

In short, yes, the Reading start does work. However, it depends on your investment into the program. Naturally, if your child only uses the program for fifteen minutes, once every week you’ll not see the development that you simply hoped for. The program depends significantly on the quantity of your time you spend using it.

For the simplest results, you would like to spend fifteen minutes, three days every week using the program. Of course, if you spend longer on the teachings and worksheets, you’ll see better results.


Being able to read from an early age is a fantastic skill to possess . Not only will it improve your child’s understanding of the planet around them, but it’ll also create a positive atmosphere for learning. If your child doesn’t feel comfortable reading, they’ll avoid it.

When it involves reading, their comprehension will significantly affect their future decisions and education. If you don’t want to ascertain your child wade through reading, then this is often the program you ought to be using.

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